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If you struggle with balance issues, vertigo, and/or dizziness, A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre offers the best vestibular therapy in Ottawa

Vestibular treatment is a style of physiotherapy that is ideally suited for those who struggle with these issues. We utilize a hands-on approach to reduce symptoms through head maneuvers and progressive exercises.

Exercises will be provided to the patient and need to be performed at least 2-3 times/day. While some patients struggle to meet these expectations, in our experience, the patients who are best able to stick with a regimented exercise routine are more quickly able to alleviate their balance concerns. 

It’s important to note that symptoms of dizziness can stem from a multitude of other concerns that have nothing to do with the vestibular system (i.e. neurological conditions, anxiety, migraines, medications, etc.). Because of this, we will carefully evaluate your particular case to determine whether or not vestibular treatment will benefit you accurately. 

If vestibular treatment seems like a good fit for your concerns, we can begin working together to develop a plan that will work to alleviate your symptoms entirely. 

Unless you’ve dealt with chronic issues surrounding dizziness and vertigo, most people aren’t aware of what the vestibular system is, what it does, and how it works. 

Your vestibular system senses motion and makes changes accordingly. It has three main components. The inner ear, the midbrain/cerebellum, and the peripheral vestibular nerves in your eyes. If any of these systems is thrown off, there’s a strong possibility of feeling dizzy. 

If you suspect that you have underlying issues that are impending these systems from working properly, we can help.

Stop searching for vestibular treatment and put your trust in A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre.

benefits of vertigo treatment

decreased risk of falling

Regardless of your age, falls can become commonplace when your balance is off. Frequent falls can result in broken bones, concussions, stiff joints, bruises, and lower quality of life. Vestibular therapy can help get falls under control once and for all.

more stability and confidence

Even if you don’t usually fall over because of vestibular issues, feeling unsteady on your feet can be scary. You likely avoid certain situations, worry about losing your balance, and generally live your life according to your balance issues. Vestibular therapy can help increase your confidence and get you back to living without fear.

reduce dizziness

We’ve all likely experienced dizziness at one point or another. Still, when dizziness becomes chronic (i.e. something that you’re experiencing almost daily), it’s time to consider vestibular therapy. Getting your dizziness symptoms under control is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

increase body strength

A sedentary lifestyle is not only linked to weight gain, but it can also impact mood, sleep patterns, hormones, and digestion. If your vestibular system is compromised, there’s a good chance you’ve become relatively sedentary to reduce your risk. Getting your vestibular system under control can help you get moving and improve your overall health. 

It’s time to stop accepting dizziness and balance concerns.

Improve your quality of life today with our premium vestibular therapy service

why choose us for your vestibular needs?

It’s not uncommon to feel vulnerable when you’re struggling with dizziness and balance concerns. We understand this and will do everything to ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout your experience with A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre. 

Our therapists are highly trained in the vestibular system and will be able to give you the tricks and tools that you need to get your balance concerns under control once and for all. 

We also offer some of the best concussion treatments in Ottawa if you’ve recently undergone any head injury. We also might recommend cupping therapy for those with head injuries in order to improve circulation and promote mobility. We offer some of the best cupping therapy in Ottawa. 

Whatever your needs or concerns are, you’re always safe in the hands of the team at A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre.

vertigo treatment faqs


What type of exercises will I learn during treatment?

The exercises we provide to clients will vary depending on your specific concerns and needs.

Rest assured, as one of the top physiotherapy clinics in Ottawa, we know what you need and will provide exercises specifically tailored to improving the vestibular system.

For example, we might have you practice habituation exercises where you undergo repeated exposure to particular movements or visual stimuli. The goal here is to “habituate’ your brian to movements like this. We also often work on gaze stabilization exercises and balance training.


What should I expect after treatment?

Results can be highly variable. For some patients, just a few visits can help reduce their symptoms significantly. For other patients, chronic vestibular issues might require monthly visits in order to get symptoms under control.

In our experience, if you see us once per week for 1-3 months, we can usually significantly decrease your dizziness and/or balance concerns.

Keep in mind that results are also very dependent on how dedicated the patient is to the at-home exercises. Patients who are diligent about the exercises often see quicker and more long-lasting results. 


Why am I experiencing more symptoms after treatment?

When patients first start with vestibular treatments, they often notice that their symptoms initially get worse. This is entirely normal and is a good sign. It means that you’re stimulating your vestibular system through the exercises that we provided you.

As you continue to perform these exercises (ideally 2-3 times per day), you will find that symptoms begin reducing, and will oftentimes disappear entirely if you remain diligent with the exercises.

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