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scoliosis physiotherapy


how our scoliosis physiotherapy works

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the backbone or spine. Instead of having a straight spine, people with scoliosis have curved spines. The severity of the curve can vary greatly and will often determine the level of treatment you require to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. 

For most, scoliosis is diagnosed in adolescence; however, we see children, adolescents, and adults who require therapy to manage their condition. 

Scoliosis’s most common physical symptoms include a visible curve in the spine, uneven hips, ribs that stick out more on one side of the body, and one shoulder blade that tends to look higher. 

For patients, symptoms of scoliosis often include:

lower back pain


numbness in legs


If your doctor has diagnosed you with scoliosis, you’ll likely greatly benefit from physical therapy, and lucky for you, our facility offers some of the best scoliosis therapy around. 

The search for scoliosis physiotherapy in Ottawa ends today.

Experience the difference when you work with a physical therapist from A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre.

With physical therapy for scoliosis, we will teach you exercises to help self-correct your posture (most effective for children or adolescents). We will also go over correct body mechanics, teaching you how to sit, stand, and lie down in ways that support your posture. And lastly, we will help you stabilize your spine, which will help decrease a lot of the pain and pressure you might be feeling.

Physiotherapy for scoliosis is one of the most effective treatments for scoliosis. It is non-invasive, easy to implement, and with consistent dedication to the exercises and stretches that we provide, you will be able to manage your scoliosis.

benefits of scoliosis physiotherapy

reduced discomfort

Scoliosis can lead to pain in the spine, legs, shoulders, and even jaw. Scoliosis can also lead to pinched nerves, which create numbness in the legs. With therapy, we can help to reduce this discomfort. If you’re struggling with pain in your jaw from scoliosis, we can help those searching for TMJ therapy.

prevents further curvature

Physical therapy is always the first line of defense when managing scoliosis. Physical therapy is highly effective at treating scoliosis, and it doesn’t require any surgery or painful procedure. With the guidance of a therapist who can provide you with exercises and stretches, you can get your scoliosis under control. 

improved body composition

With regular physical therapy for scoliosis, the spine will start to straighten. In turn, this can have a lot of positive impacts on the rest of the body, including improved breathing, better posture, improved movement patterns, stronger core, and better balance.


Physical therapy is always the first line of defense when managing scoliosis. Physical therapy is highly effective at treating scoliosis, and it doesn’t require any surgery or painful procedure. With the guidance of a therapist who can provide you with exercises and stretches, you can get your scoliosis under control. 

Don’t let scoliosis get out of hand.

Physical therapy for scoliosis can help improve quality of life for both children and adults

why choose us for your scoliosis physiotherapy needs?

We strive to be your go-to destination when you’re searching for physical therapy for scoliosis. We employ a highly skilled staff of trained professionals who understand how the body works and how best to approach scoliosis. 

We understand that having aayou can trust and who you feel safe with is just as important. That’s why we’re committed to providing our clients with an experience that feels professional, friendly, and secure. When you work with one of our therapists, we will help treat your scoliosis, but we’ll also ensure that each appointment is always enjoyable.

Don’t delay. If you or your child has scoliosis, booking a physical therapy appointment with the team at A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre could make a huge difference.

scoliosis physiotherapy faqs


Is treatment for scoliosis necessary?

For some, treatment for scoliosis may not be necessary if the spine is only slightly curved. In fact, some children grow out of scoliosis as they develop without any intervention. On the other end of the spectrum, some patients with severe scoliosis will choose to undergo surgery to correct the curve in their spine and relieve pressure.  

At our clinic, we work with those who have curvature in their spine, decreasing their quality of life. We provide exercises, stretches, and spine stabilization techniques in order to help relieve discomfort, while also ensuring that the curve doesn’t get worse. 


Do I need to wear a brace if I have scoliosis?

Some patients do require the use of a brace to treat their scoliosis; however, it is not necessary for all patients. In our experience, if scoliosis is detected early and treated with professional physical therapy sessions, we can usually correct the curve in the spine and avoid having to wear a brace. 

Remember, there are different levels of severity when it comes to scoliosis. Your doctor will better determine what you require to heal, but physical therapy is always used first before a brace. 


What will I learn during physical therapy for scoliosis?

There are three things we focus on during physical therapy for scoliosis: 

Stretching back muscles (i.e. proactive exercises you can do at home to help correct your posture) 

Correcting body mechanics (i.e. how you sit, stand, and lie can all have an impact on your scoliosis; in therapy, we’ll go over the correct ways to do all of these to help support your scoliosis/lessen symptoms and pain) 

Stabilizing the spine (i.e. we want to help get your spine back to a natural curvature; stabilizing the spine can help us do that) 

If you’re struggling with other joints that are causing you issues outside of your scoliosis, we also help those searching for manual osteotherapy.

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