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manual osteopathy


Our top priority is to help our clients reduce pain and discomfort. With manual osteopathy, we do this through a series of hands-on techniques that help to restore motor function in the body. We also look at roots causes of pain, imbalances, or injury so that we can address these concerns and prevent your pain from returning. 

Our therapists are trained in four sub-disciplines: osteo-articular adjustments, fascial release, cranial-sacral techniques, and visceral manipulation.

Depending on your current concern, your therapist might focus on multiple of these sub-disciplines, or on one. 

osteo-articular adjustments

Traditional styles of physiotherapy, similar to what you might experience when visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment.

cranio-sacral techniques

Focuses on the head and spinal cord and will be an area of focus for patients with frequent headaches, migraines, back pain, and nerve impingement 

visceral manipulation

Treats the organs (position, suspension system, fascia/ligaments that attach to the musculoskeletal system)

As a patient, you won’t have to determine which style of manual osteotherapy is right for you. Our team of professionals will listen to your concerns and be able to determine which technique you’ll benefit the most from and form a treatment plan based on that. 

For aosteopath in Ottawa, look no further. 

When you come to visit us for your manual osteotherapy session, we will provide you with a full-body assessment to better determine how we can help you. This is an essential component of our treatment plan because it gives us a full overview of how your system is working and how dysfunction in one area might be leading to pain or discomfort in another. 
The session will be hands-on, but you can rest assured that all of our therapists are highly trained and skilled. You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your appointment, while also being well-informed of what your therapist is doing and how it can help you going forward.

benefits of manual osteopathy

reduce pain & improve mobility 

First and foremost, manual osteotherapy can help reduce pain. Most of our clients come to see us because of mobility issues, stiffness, and joint pain. With this hands-on approach, we can help you get to the root cause of your discomfort and reduce it, thereby increasing your mobility.

improve organ function

Most people tend to focus on the joints and muscle pain when they think of manual osteotherapy, but it can also help with the functioning of your organs. In particular, with visceral manipulation, you can experience improvement in your digestive function, respiratory function, and even just general headache reduction. 

reduce scar tissue

If you’ve had surgery or experienced an injury, there’s a strong likelihood that you have scar tissue in the body that can cause pain and discomfort. Manual osteotherapy can help by breaking up the scar tissue and promoting healthy healing. The same applies to adhesions.

improve quality of life

If pain keeps you from living your life to the fullest, we can help. This hands-on therapy can improve posture, reduce arthritis, reduce stress on the joints, improve migraine pain, and help you get back your quality of life. We also offer the best acupuncture in Ottawa, which is very effective at treating migraines.

Start feeling your best with the help of our experienced therapists.

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why choose us for your manual osteopathy needs?

A Plus Physiotherapy is here to help you reach your health goals through our manual osteopathy services. We have a team of experienced and certified practitioners who will provide you with the personalized care you deserve. 

Our manual osteopathy practice includes treatments such as joint mobilization, soft tissue release, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy and traction, allowing us to address the root cause of your pains and provide relief in the most effective way possible. 

Our goal is to help you restore balance in your body so that you can live an active and pain-free life. We offer compassionate care that comes with a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as how each treatment works together toward achieving optimal results. 

With A Plus Physiotherapy’s knowledgeable team of professionals, we guarantee that we will make lasting improvements in your wellbeing and quality of life.

manual osteopathy faqs


Who is manual osteopathy for?

Manual Osteopathy can help anyone who is suffering from joint pain, mobility issues, stiffness, or just general discomfort in their body.

In our experience, we most commonly see patients with:

Sports injuries

Pregnancy discomfort 

Traumatic injuries or falls 

Balance concerns



Chronic pain that isn’t responding to conventional therapy 


General back/shoulder pain 

If you fall into any of these categories and/or you’re experiencing pain, your search for manual osteopathy ends today. We can help!


How does Manual Osteopathy work?

Manual Osteopathy is a field of healing that draws on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It relies on manipulations to improve mobility and reduce pain, while also improving function and balance within the body.

During a treatment, your practitioner will use deep tissue massage and joint mobilizations to help the muscles and joints become more flexible, as well as manual adjustments to align your spine. They may also use other techniques such as myofascial release or trigger point therapy if needed. The goal of Manual Osteopathy is to restore normal movement in areas of the body where pain and discomfort impede performance.

As part of the process, practitioners may provide advice on lifestyle modifications that can help prevent injury and further alleviate symptoms. When done consistently over several treatments, Manual Osteopathy can allow people to achieve lasting freedom from physical ailments that were once hindering their activity level and quality of life.


What to expect during your first appointment

When you first come in for your osteotherapy appointment, you may be surprised by the detailed health history that we ask of you. Remember, manual osteotherapy uses a holistic approach to help you feel better, meaning we look at all systems in your body in order to better understand how they work together.

We’ll also perform a hands-on full body assessment, which allows us to better understand any physical ailments you might be suffering from.

The combination of both your health history and our assessment of your physical body will allow us to devise a treatment plan that will carefully target all areas of concern, helping you to feel your best in no time.

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