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massage therapy


Massage therapy is a great way to ease sore muscles and relieve pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. It reduces tension in the muscles by releasing knots and alleviating soreness by working out toxins in the muscle. Massages help keep your body loose and limber, helping you avoid potential injuries.

At A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness centre, we offer massage therapy in Ottawa in addition to other services such as physiotherapy, TMJ treatments, and acupuncture. Our services and treatments are meant to benefit you by helping improve mobility and reduce pain.

benefits of massage therapy

Our RMT’s in Ottawa offer massage therapy with many benefits, including: 

Improving blood circulation and blood flow

Increasing energy levels and alertness

Lowering the heart rate and blood pressure

Improving the immune system

improve mental health

When you get a massage, you’re put in a relaxing environment, and the act of massaging can release tension and significantly reduce stress, in turn helping to improve mental health and wellness. Massage therapy can decrease hormones associated with increased anxiety and negative emotions, leading to better mental wellbeing.

increase range of motion

Massages can help improve your mobility by working the muscles. It can help increase tissue elasticity, reduce swelling, get rid of built-up toxins, decrease pain, and break down adhesions and other unwanted materials in the muscles hindering your movement. As a physio clinic in Ottawa, we can also help increase your range of motion through physiotherapy exercises.

help heal injuries

Massage therapy kneads out knots and pain points found in certain areas of the muscle and body, particularly as a result of an injury. By increasing blood flow and circulation, massage therapy can help flush out this organic material, in turn improving injury healing. We also offer concussion treatments in Ottawa.

reduce chronic pain

Chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and other muscle and bone conditions can be debilitating and lower your quality of life. Massage therapy releases good chemicals from the brain that help with muscle healing, pain relief, and flushing toxins from the body that contributes to pain.

Don’t wait to diagnose and treat your pain.

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why choose us for your massage therapy needs?

Physiotherapists’ knowledge of the body, joints, and muscles goes beyond what massage therapists learn. Allowing a deeper understanding of how to properly care for your muscles and help heal them.

We can create an individualized treatment plan for exercises at home after massage therapy to get the full benefits of massage therapy and help re-strengthen your muscles and improve your overall health.

If you’re ready to reduce the pain you feel, improve your flexibility and mobility, and enjoy a deep sense of relaxation, book a massage therapy appointment with A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness centre. Our focus isn’t only on helping you feel better; it’s to make sure that you can live a fulfilled, happy life that’s free of pain and full of enjoyment.

massage therapy faqs


When is the best time to get a massage?

You don’t need to wait until you’re experiencing pain to get a massage. Getting massages regularly can help keep your stress and anxiety levels low, reduce your chance of injury, and keep you in a happier, more relaxed mood and state of mind.

We’d also recommend booking a massage therapy appointment on a day that you have no other commitments or at least a low-key day. That way, you can truly soak in the full benefits of your massage and remain relaxed for the rest of the day (and even a few days after).


Is it beneficial to exercise after my massage?

Actually, you should aim to exercise beforehand. In fact, it’s recommended that you should do a quick workout – such as a 30-minute cardio routine – before your massage therapy appointment.

Not only will this help alleviate any soreness from your workout, but it can help speed up recovery time, significantly reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and will get your muscles warmed up, ready for the massage therapist to work on them.


Should I avoid eating or drinking before my appointment?

You should definitely avoid drinking alcohol or eating a heavy meal before your massage therapy appointment, but a light snack (about an hour before your treatment) and lots of water are both very good ideas, and in fact, quite important to consume before going in.

Massage therapy lowers your blood sugar because of its relaxing nature, so it’s important to have food in your stomach and the proper sustenance & energy levels before going into your appointment so you don’t feel weak or uneasy afterward.

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