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tmj treatments


Our TMJ treatment uses physiotherapy to reduce pain and inflammation in your jaw joint, resulting in improved movement and mobility of the jaw.

Typically, TMJ treatment involves correcting your posture. Specific jaw movement exercises to help strengthen and stretch out the joints in the jaw that are restricting movement, and manual therapy including massage and stretching exercises.

We may prescribe an at-home plan to continue following after your appointment in-office at A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness centre. It’s important to keep up with these exercises to strengthen your jaw and prevent future lock-ups that can be painful and immobilizing.

If you have been experiencing the following symptoms, you may be suffering from TMJ,

a painful or uncomfortable condition wherein it’s difficult to move your jaw:

pain or tenderness in jaw

pain in one or both of the side joints of your jaw

aching pain in or around ear

pain while or difficulty chewing

pain in face

lockjaw and difficulty opening and/or closing mouth

We know how uncomfortable and immobilizing TMJ can be and how much it can affect your life. That’s why we offer TMJ massages in Ottawa. We look forward to helping you find relief!

getting your tmj treatment

step one
step one


The first thing to do is to review your symptoms to determine if you may have TMJ and require treatment. If any of the following apply to you, let us know when you book: lockjaw, difficulty opening/closing the mouth, pain when chewing, facial pain, or pain in the jaw.

step two
step two


Next, book an appointment with us at A Plus Physiotherapy and Wellness centre. Your best bet is to call us at (343) 306-0648, but you can also book online if you’d prefer. During your appointment, we will complete a consultation before treatment.

step three
step three


Once you come in for your appointment, we will consult, including reviewing your medical history and discussing your pain and symptoms. From there, we can best determine how to solve the issue you are dealing with and provide a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

step four
step four


Depending on the severity of your condition, we may prescribe a home care plan to continue with after your appointment and may schedule a follow-up appointment to either continue the treatment or review your progress. We’ll let you know our findings and recommendations during your appointment!

Book your appointment with us today.

We look forward to helping you achieve more mobility and less pain in your jaw.

why choose us for your tmj needs?

When it comes to finding treatment for TMJ, A Plus Physiotherapy is the top choice. Our experienced physiotherapists provide comprehensive assessments that diagnose and treat patients for a wide range of TMJ issues. 

We offer a variety of services and treatments such as massaging, ultrasound therapy, and exercise programs that are tailored to your individual needs. At A plus Physiotherapy, you can be sure to receive personalized care from our trained team of professionals. 

Additionally, we use techniques with minimal invasiveness and fewer side effects, so you can expect a comfortable experience without any post-treatment pain or discomfort. Our goal is to help you obtain relief from TMJ symptoms in the most effective manner and get you back on your feet in no time!

tmj treatment faqs


What can I do on my own to help relieve TMJ?

Be sure to continue following the exercise routine that we set out for you if you require one for at-home care. The exercises we assign to you are meant to strengthen your jaw and improve mobility, restore movement, and reduce pain in the TMJ joint.

In addition to following our care plan, you should also:

• Avoid hard or chewy foods that require you to chew a lot

• Be aware of jaw clenching or grinding your teeth (it may be worthwhile to ask your dentist about a nighttime mouthguard if you grind your teeth while sleeping)


What causes TMJ?

TMJ – which is a temporomandibular joint disorder – can be caused by teeth grinding or excessive clenching of the jaw, dislocation of the disc in your jaw, arthritis, stress, acute trauma, or an improper bite.

There are many symptoms that accompany TMJ including more obvious ones (such as jaw pain, difficulty jewing, and lockjaw), but other symptoms may include a ‘tired’ feeling in your face, tooth, or ear pain, pain in the neck or shoulders, and tinnitus.


Are there other treatments for TMJ?

Physiotherapy is a great natural remedy for soothing TMJ and its symptoms. It can help prevent future complications or disorders because it focuses on strengthening and stretching the jaw muscles.

Medications may also be prescribed to help alleviate pain associated with TMJ, including pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants.

If TMJ is persistent and extreme, there are surgeries and other procedures as an option as well. Sometimes, injections can be helpful (i.e. corticosteroid or Botox) for relieving pain. Additionally, open-joint surgery may be an option to explore, though it comes with its risks and would be considered a last resort.

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